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As an Elite Global Access member, you will automatically be enrolled into a network that will give you access to state licensed, board certified primary care physicians from wherever you are.

Through our partners at TelaDoc, you will have access to cross coverage consultations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. TelaDoc physicians diagnose routine, non-emergency medical problems via telephone, recommend treatment and prescribe medication when appropriate. You can access this service from anywhere. It’s just a phone call away.

When to Call your Concierge Dr.

    You cannot reach your primary care physician.
    (TelaDoc physicians do not replace your primary care physician)
    Your primary care physician’s office is closed
    You are on vacation or a business trip
    You need your recurring prescription filled and don't have time to go to your doctor's office (short term refills only)
    You need medical attention that might be resolved without seeing your primary care physician
    You have medical questions, medical issues, or concerns and would like to discuss these with a physician
    You need a second opinion


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